3 Month Program
"Quick Ascend" 
Don't know what you want? 
Quick Ascend is the perfect program for you!
We'll explore your ideas to ascend to what you really want.
We'll meet twice a month for 75 minutes for 3 months. 
You deserve the life you want. 
Know what you want and need support to make it happen? 
Mid~term Ascend is a perfect program for you!
We'll explore valuable tools & exercises. Receiving the support you need to get what you want. 
We'll meet twice a week for 75 minutes for 6 months.
Manifest your life with support. 
9 Month Program
"Full~term Ascend"
Know what you want.
Ready to achieve it?  
Full~term is the perfect program for you!
 We'll explore valuable tools & exercises to keep you on course to achieve what you really want. 
We'll meet twice a week for 75 minutes for 9 months.  
Achieve the life you want. 
6 Month Program
"Mid~term Ascend"
Free Discovery Call

Seasonal Journey

12 month program

 A personal journey of connection and growth.

Moving with the 

seasons of nature and the seasons of your life with support.


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